APPROX Τροφ/Κο Nbook Apple 45/60/85W Type-L

APPROX Τροφ/Κο Nbook Apple 45/60/85W Type-L
It is very common for the Apple charger cable to break and fixing it, is not an easy task. That"s why we have designed a high quality and durable chargers, so you can change your charger at the best price. The APPUAAPL or APPUAAPT are Apple notebook chargers, the main difference is the output connector, type L for the model APPUAAPL and type T (Magsafe 2) for the model APPUAAPT, with its power selection button these two models cover practically all models of Apple laptops to be charged while providing a safe power. It has overload, temperature and short circuit protection systems. Includes blue LED indicating selected power and European connector. It has a 5V / 2.1A USB port for charging your devices such as smartphones and tablets.
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