Ewent Τροφοδοτικό 500w 12cm fan 220v - EW3900

The Ewent power supply supports latest generation of processors, and ensures quality and safety at t..

Ewent Passive PFC Τροφοδοτικό 600w 14cm fan EW3908

ATX12V v3.1, full compatibility with the current CPUs: Intel ® and AMD ® Smart fan co..

APPROX Τροφοδοτικο 550w 12cm fan 550PS

Power Supply ATX 12V V 2.3. With 550W potency includes passive PFC and silent 12 cm fan. Double side..

APPROX Τροφοδοτικο 650w 14cm fan Passive PFC 650PS

Power Supply ATX 12V V 2.3. With 650W potency, includes passive PFC and silent 14 cm fan. Double sid..

FSP/Fortron HEXA+ 500W ATX Power Supply

HEXA+ series, which based on HEXA series but with upgrade high-quality and much value-priced. For en..

FSP / Fortron Τροφοδοτικό Flex ATX FSP180-50LE

This Flex ATX PSU has a real power rating of 180W (continuous). Due to its small dimensions it is id..

Fortron Τροφοδοτικο 500W 12Cm Fan 80Plus Active Pfc Hexa

Complies with ATX 12V v2.3 - Hight efficiency >80% - Meets 80 PLUS Certification - Dual +12V outp..